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Beijing Prosper Precision Machine Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, mainly engaged in high-precision CNC lathes, high-precision CNC machining centers, high-precision CNC grinding machines, photoelectric testing technology and related precision manufacturing equipment as the main national high-tech the company. Company manufacturing base covers an area of 30,000 square meters, more than 200 industrial craftsmen. Manufacturing plant has a large high-precision gantry CNC machining center, Longmen sharp bed, high-precision 10M rail grinding machine, high-precision horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, grinding machines and other processing equipment more than 80 Taiwan. Currently has high-end CNC machine tools annual production capacity of more than 500 Taiwan.

R & D team:

Chairman of the company Wu Xingfei, Ph.D., Professor, part-time National Science and Technology Ministry of efficient grinding engineering research center professor. Former Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute

(China's largest CNC machine tool research machine) chief engineer, national precision manufacturing engineering center preparatory group deputy chief technology, Beijing Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering set up ten directors, Germany, the United States, Japan visiting scholar. Won the Ministry of Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, the National Machinery Engineering Federation (the former Ministry of Machinery Industry) scientific and technological progress second prize and related invention patents, utility model patents more than 10 pages.

R & D department of the company's existing three doctorate, five master's degree, 10 senior engineers and professional staff of more than 30 people. Over the years with great concentration in precision, ultra-precision machine tool main uranium technology, rail technology, digital control technology, the whole system of knot technology, micro-displacement in the heavy load conditions of the drive technology and manufacturing process research, has developed a knife Vertical CNC vertical grinder, high precision internal and external round grinder and intelligent automatic production line. These machines can be widely used in the automotive parts and components industry, aerospace and turbine engine industry impeller blades, turbine turbines high-precision five uranium intelligent manufacturing, hydraulic and pneumatic industry, high-precision valve body spool high-precision automatic grinding. These areas, are China's future industrial upgrading process essential key core equipment.


The company founded more than 10 years, relying on technological innovation, management innovation, for the development of the industry and the market has made a positive contribution: the only way to develop non-continuous impact by the high impact of high-strength and ultra-bright turning wheel Enterprises; heavy-duty CNC turning to 0.1 microns per load heavy load

Single-pulse numerical control coordinate uranium feeding; high-rigidity of the main uranium rotation accuracy of up to 0.02 microns; high precision and high stiffness of the reloading of the 8 turntable turntable rotation

Precision to 0.05 micron; high-precision "the same point of the car" CNC vertical lathe, double-sided parts of the thin-walled parts at the same time turning to fill the gaps; precision turning accuracy and efficiency of the world's first sequence;high-precision machine bed On behalf of Europe and the United States imports; high-end nano-scale high-precision mirror CNC machine tool standard makers.

automated manufacturing line:

Bolus Pan's fully automated production line, German technology and craftsmanship. With their own host and system control, integrated control, with automatic identification,

Automatic loading and unloading, automatic processing, automatic measurement, automatic size compensation, automatic sorting. More importantly: we can do full-size measurement, including the bolt hole position, especially the size of the central hole, you can do full-size measurement. Measuring range, from the diameter of 50mm, to the diameter of 120mm, the whole process without manual replacement of the measuring head, so that automatically adapt to large changes in the diameter of the measurement. At present, Borrus Pan is the only company in the world to do this!

Performance comparison:

Beijing Prosper precision is the only able to achieve nano-level high-rigidity turning, grinding the industrialization of the enterprise; is the only car in China zero

Parts of the industry, in the field of high-end precision machine and the ripening of the import of domestic licensing licensing; is the only domestic automotive industry can provide 24 hours a day for 24 hours without downtime, trouble-free operation of the industrialization of high-end CNC machine tool manufacturers; The only in the aircraft industry Chengdu aircraft manufacturing company, the United States and Switzerland, the German precision machine tool in the domestic licensing; in precision, ultra-precision CNC machine tools, Beijing Prosper precision is the only break Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Japan and other countries Monopoly of high - end CNC machine tools company.

User word of mouth:

In the field of automotive aluminum wheel industry, I am in the CITIC Daika, Dyson, Lizhong Group, Thailand factory, Tianjin that if the mechanical manufacturing Co., Ltd. field test Competition, whether it is accuracy, efficiency, reliability, or stability , Has been defeated Italy IMT, South Korea Doosan, large, Taiwan's Taichung Seiki, Far East, East Taiwan and other imported machine tools. Accuracy over the Italian IMT lathe; in the high precision and efficient truck wheel heavy load in the precision than the Korean character machine, machine efficiency increased by 48.46%. The first harmonic value of the thin-walled part is reflected by the stroke amount of 0.06; PC hole position is 0.08 or less. Vertical center hole accuracy of 3 to 8 microns; central hole PCD hole CMK value of the lowest 1.585, an average of 1.881, some of the more than 2.0, has been the industry leader recognition.

Especially in November 2015, CITIC Daika in the blind, the Division I machine swept all the parameters of the terms of the competition under the first competition. Ruth Pan confidential machine to enter CITIC Daika Co., Ltd.. Dika's high-end production of all, the use of our company's equipment manufacturing.

Assemble the whole picture of the factory

Factory interior assembly line

Mirror wheel hub products


 10 meters table high precision rail grinding machine equipment: to achieve the rail of the batch grinding


20 meters high precision CNC gantry machining center: to achieve the mass production of machine bed


Small and medium - sized precision manufacturing center      


Assembly workshop corner      


Batch grinding of the bed scene      


 Spindle box line      


Machine assembly line angle 

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